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Jan 13,  · so i have an htpc with windows 7 bit, kodi and a hardware powerfull enough to play 3d half-sbs mkv files. Prefer to achieve a 3d effect when playing 3d blu-ray iso files on kodi, below article will guide you to get kodi supported 3d video mode and format. I've always remuxed my blurays into mkv files for 2d and made iso files for 3d, but yesterday i tried making a 3d, mvc, mkv file instead (since.

Vidon xbmc (kodi) is an all-in-one android player which can play dvd, from html5 to 3d bd iso's, vidon xbmc handles it all. I start kodi, go to bd3d iso movie, start playing, press "right" once and kodi seems to hang - shows spinning circle forever and does not react on buttons.

When looking at files they are showing up as bluray but not 3d.

Apr 15,  · video embedded · how to play iso bluray 3d movies on tvs how to play iso bluray 3d movies on tvs 3d with active glasses filme 3d iso [email protected], blu-ray 3d iso, kodi.

Jul 11,  · hi all, i'd really appreciate some help writing a script that can pass a network iso file from kodi (formerly xbmc, anyone want .

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